Bespoke Cakes came to be because of The Great British Bake Off. This TV show inspired me to have a go at baking and see what I could do. I have always been a bit arty but the baking side needed tuition, so I persuaded my wife Debbie to teach me how to make the perfect sponge cake as her sponge cakes are always great.


After quite a few lessons I learned the fundamentals of cake making and now I create and bake lovely Sponge Cakes myself. I also now include Madeira cakes in my portfolio as these are a more stable cake for modelling purposes, although both types of cake can be used..

So, after the excellent tuition I received (Thanks Deb), and the experience I have gained over the last 5 years of baking and modelling Novelty Cakes for people, I am proud to display some of my creations on this website. 

Pastries, Pies, Bread and Biscuits are included in my repertoire of baking along with making pastry when required.