Eclipse League Constitution Agreed 9th Jan 2020

1. This organisation shall be known as the ECLIPSE HANDICAP TRIOS LEAGUE. It will bowl at the Hollywood Bowl, The Point, Bracknell on Thursdays at 7.00 pm as per schedule.

2. This league is not B.T.B.A sanctioned.

3. The purpose of the League is to conduct Tenpin activities and to determine annual Team Champion. The League will play and conduct all its games in strict compliance with the B.T.B.A. Rules and regulations and any conflict with these rules will be void.

4. The management shall be vested in the Board of Directors, composed of the League Officers and Team Captains, or when absent, a Team Representative. Each member of the Board shall be entitled to one vote only, whether they are a League Officer, Team Captain or both. The Board shall decide on any dispute or protest and it is within its power to ensure that all league members conduct themselves in the best interests of the League. It shall have the power to expel any team or member from the League for good and sufficient reason.

5. PRESIDENT. The President shall preside over all League meetings and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board. The President shall verify that the Treasurer has deposited the League funds in a registered Bank Account for the sole use of the Eclipse League. The Treasurer must inform all committee members of any intent to withdraw funds from the registered bank account. In the event of any shortage, the President may be held responsible for such. The President must verify the accounts on a monthly basis.

6. VICE-PRESIDENT. The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in their absence.


7. SECRETARY. The Secretary is responsible for the proper function and organisation of the League, and shall post the League Standing Sheet each week showing current team positions.


8. TREASURER. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping a true and accurate account of all League funds. The Treasurer shall account for League dues and lineage each week, pay and post a financial statement at year end, but a balance will be available on request.


9. TEAM CAPTAIN shall be nominated from the registered team members.


General Bowling fees shall be decided at the A.G.M. plus the required linage as requested by Holiday Bowl. Each Team Captain must pay to the Treasurer by the end of the first game, one week’s fees (including Prize Fund) in advance for three persons on each scheduled night of the League. This shall be irrespective of the number of bowlers actually present, postponed or no show matches will incur the prize fund cost only and may be paid in arrears. Any prize fund shortages/arrears from missing team members must be paid within 3 weeks of the initial missed payment.

11. Meetings shall be held at the call of the President or Secretary, or upon the receipt of a written application, protest or complaint signed by five members of the League. At such a meeting, each Team shall be entitled to one vote. A majority of the Board at such a meeting shall be deemed a quorum to conduct business.


12. The A.G.M. will be held on the Thursday prior to the start of the season to elect the Officers of the Board of Directors, at a time announced by the President. No proxy voting will be allowed. Whilst it is preferable that nominees attending the meeting, nominated Officers may stand for election in their absence, provided that written acceptance is received at the start of the A.G.M. If no representative can be present, a written application will be accepted prior to or during the A.G.M. Should there be good and sufficient cause, the date of the A.G.M. can be altered.


13. Membership of the League shall consist of a maximum of 24 teams with a minimum of 3 players, as agreed and accepted by the Board of Directors prior to the start of the season. After the first week of the season, new players may be registered not less than 7 days before bowling as a Team Member. The maximum number of players registered with any team shall be 8. It is permitted to de-register one bowler and register a new one. This may be done TWICE only in any one season. League Substitutes (Pacers) are allowed. No players may be registered in the last 12 weeks of the season, except in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of ALL Team Captains. No player may be registered for more than one Team at any time.


14. The League shall bowl on a Handicap Basis. The Handicap shall be 75% of the difference between each individual’s average and 200 (scratch). The maximum Handicap is 75 and the minimum is 0. Bowlers will be given their handicap after the first 3 game series is rolled. If any Team or Team Member has bowled in the same League previously for a minimum of 9 games then their Handicap will be carried forward for the first 9 games only. If any team member has bowled less than 9 games, their previous scores will be nulled.


15. The Blind Score shall be the absent bowler’s average less 20 pins. If a team has registered more than three bowlers and only two (a legal line up) are able to bowl, then the Blind Score used shall be that of the Team Member who has bowled the most games. If two or more bowlers have bowled the same number of games, the average used shall be that of the player having the lowest average. For the first two consecutive weeks that same person’s average is used, 20 pins shall be deducted as above, but for each subsequent consecutive week, a further 5 pins shall be deducted. Thus is the same player’s average is used for three consecutive weeks, 25 pins must be deducted from that average to arrive at the Blind Score to be used for the third week.


16. If for any good and valid reason a Team is unable to bowl at the scheduled time, the Team Captain or Team Representative must give both the Secretary AND the opposing Team Captain or Team Representative at least seven days’ notice, both verbally and in writing (Form available from League Secretary). The seven day notice will only be waived in the event of an emergency, and only by the league secretary or league president. The postponed match may be played at an agreed time and day between each team, or as an agreed double header on a match night that has been allocated for this reason (No team may have more than 1 outstanding double header at any one time). ALL Double Header matches MUST be played within 2 weeks of the original  match date. No postponed match may be bowled after the final night of the League Schedule. Postponed matches MUST be bowled prior to the next position round. An Official Form is provided for postponements and should be completed and returned to the Secretary with the postponement date and League dues. In the event of the Secretary and Vice-Secretary both being absent, the form and dues should be handed to the President or Treasurer. Please see Clause 10 for Prize Fund payments.


17. If a Team fails to bowl any match and has not applied for a postponement, as stated in Rule 16, then the opposing Team attending will automatically be awarded with eight points without the match being contested. This will only apply if the non-showing team has not given notice to the Opposing Team Captain, Secretary or President that they are unable to attend, this will only be an accepted reason in extreme circumstances and is at the discretion of the Opposing Team Captain, Secretary and President, but need not be in writing.


18. Position Standings will be determined on a Points Basis, two points for each game won and two points for overall pin fall. In the event of a tie, one point will be awarded to both teams. In the event of a tie for position the higher total pin fall will take precedence, followed by Team High Series and then Team High Game. At the end of the League Schedule, if there is a tie for first Championship Place, then a playoff of one game will decide the overall Team Championship.


19. Any player who arrives late may join the game then being bowled as long as he/she is ready to bowl before the opposing team has completed their third frame. Any bowler arriving after that frame may not take part until the start of the next game. No score shall be recorded for any game missed in this fashion. Other than adding the late bowler as a “Blind”.


20. To qualify for Individual Awards, a player must have bowled at least 40% of the total number of games of the full League Schedule. No team may qualify for more than one Team Award in each category.


21. Prize Fund Breakdowns: League Prizes will be based on the prize fund collected from all league  member contributions. The prize totals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd teams along with the season highest place in each category will be announced at the end of the league season. Outstanding prize fund (Arrears) to be deducted from team amount. Any league expenses to be deducted prior to prize fund calculations.


22. The League Constitution or Rules may be amended or repealed at the A.G.M. of the League by a majority vote. After the League has begun its schedule, a unanimous vote to the League members present at any meeting shall be necessary to effect any change.


23. Smoking is not permitted within the bowl and the eating of food will only be allowed on the carpeted areas of the bowl. And is extended to any member whether they are bowling or not and to anyone that is registered with the B.T.B.A.


24. The wearing of Vest T-shirts is strictly forbidden. As is the wearing of short shorts by men i.e. football shorts, dress shorts are acceptable. Bowling shoes must be worn for any league match.


25. BOWLING ETIQUETTE: Bowlers approaching the lanes in order to bowl, should give way to the right and stay off the lanes as this can be off putting to other bowlers.


26. The League Secretary and Treasurer shall receive each week, three free games of bowling or the equivalent in money to the value of three league games less the prize fund money.


27. Any problems arising during a game, the League Secretary should be notified as soon as possible and not after the game.


28. Drinking shall be allowed near the rear of the lanes near the ball racks.


29. Situations not covered by this constitution shall be covered by the B.T.B.A. Rules

Eclipse League Bracknell